Slug Pest Solution: Nemaslug (Nematodes for slugs)

Nemaslug Description

Phasmarhabditis is a tiny parasitic eel worm (nematode), barely visible to the naked eye, which occur naturally in British soils.

Nemaslug contains these nematodes for slugs mixed with a carrier medium.

Nemaslug Life Cycle

The nematodes live in moisture surrounding soil particles, they seek out slugs and enter them under the mantle.

Once inside the slug, the nematodes release a bacteria. Infested slugs will stop feeding within five days and go underground to die.

The nematodes reproduce inside the slug as it dies and are released back into the soil after the slugs death to infect more slugs.

Slug damage on a large Hosta plant

Typical damage caused by slugs.

Nemaslug Use

  • It will control most ages and species of slugs. Small to medium sized slugs burrow underground during the day, where it is moist. Large slugs over 8 cm, which are found in some parts of the country, are less able to burrow underground and therefore tend to live on the soil surface, it is less effective at controlling these.
  • It may affect water snails. To avoid harming water snails keep the treatment 3m away from ponds.
  • It should be applied to moist soil or compost, the area treated should be kept moist by normal watering after application to enable the nematodes to swim in the soil moisture.
  • It needs a minimum soil temperature of 5ºC (40ºF).
    NB. Soil temperature is more stable than air temperature.
  • It is simply applied as a drench, and will be effective for at least 6 weeks after which time a repeat application may be necessary.
  • It can be kept in a fridge NOT freezer at 5ºC for use before the pack expiry date (about one to two weeks after delivery date), however it is best used immediately upon receipt.
  • It is harmless to children, pets and wildlife. 

Nemaslug is recommended outdoors between 1st March and 31st October. Under protection they can be used any time if temperatures exceed 5ºC.

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